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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy clearly realizes the importance of user’s privacy online. Our offline map download team makes sure that their user’s information is totally safe.

Our team is not authorized to fetch any details on the webpage without their permission. Only the user’s recognizable details are accumulated with their permission.

What details does the user provide?

Users just need to fill up basic information such as

1 name  

2 address

3 phone number

 4 home address only from
the approved offline map download customers.

Why are the details required?

The details filled by the users are used for better services and organized efficient output. Our team may connect to the approved customer to ask for details.

Reimbursement Policy

Users of can also apply for reimbursement on specified circumstances.

User can simply apply for reimbursement for any facilities or
subscription for not more than 30days of buying the services. The users will get their refund amount within 8 days from the specific time of reimbursement request.

Cost pertaining for Reimbursement Request

To avoid Reimbursement request charges cost users need to apply within 24 hours.

User placing a Reimbursement requesting within the 15 days of paying for the offline map download program
 or subscription will be accepted, only 50% of the total amount is reimbursed.

Users will not be able to claim for refund after 30 days.

How to Request Refund?

User need to contact offline map download team support at our toll free number: –
+1-888-660-0762 for the refund request.

Our offline map download team will not be able to provide reimbursement on conditions such as

Download & unzipping problem

Program not as described

In case still have a query simply; connect with our offline download support team on +1-888-660-0762.

Terms & Conditions

We aren’t linked with any company & brand (such as Garmin and Google). We
provide call and technical remote service for offline map download.

Our terms & conditions

Our offline map download support program is fixed for all the users without any limitation from

For the user:

Should not breach law on any condition

No fraud program has used in any circumstance.

Will not be allowed to exchange any personal information

Should not send any virus or unsuitable or destructive data

Not authorized to duplicate webpage data and context

Not authorized to have company information without preceding permission

On the breach or misconduct or violation of any terms and conditions detailed above major action will be taken against all the offenders causing damage to the image of the company that will result in instant cancellation of the services or program.

The use of properties and proprietary rights for are reserved to our company.

All the layouts, design, number, email and data on the
the webpage is the company’s possession and not for duplications. webpage copyrighted and no one other than the company can utilize offline map download trademark.

One can utilize properties only for noncommercial
or personal purposes.

Users may not utilize properties, in case users are (below 16 years of age)

Users may connect with the offline map download team through ratings, reviews, forums, comments, question & answer, and email communication. The details filled by the user should not include any separate webpage portal links, fake details,
destructive computer codes, illegal, hateful, harmful, racist, harassing or threatening.
All such action will ensure that services are ceased.

Confirming again all information on the website will not be forwarded to any third party.