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Garmin is a company which uses the technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS) that produces and delivers innovative products such as wearables, sports and fitness products, Outdoor Recreation, Automotive, Marine and Aviation across diverse markets. We make commodity that are arranged on the inside for life on the outside. We do this so our customers can make the most of the time they spend following their passions. Garmin vision is to be a go through company by creating chief products for aviation, marine, automotive, sports and outdoor that are necessary part of our customers’ lives. We very soon will be the global leader in every diverse market we serve, and our products will be solicit after for their convincing design, supreme quality, and best value.

List of products we offer and make for the diverse market

Wearables Garmin has you covered with their array of products of any activity preference to any fitness level. Our list of smartwatches, fitness trackers devices helps you mark your activity, then save, plan and share your progress with others. By helping you walk a little more each day, you can knock yesterday with the products that fit your preferred sport and fitness level.

Fashion Smartwatches-Enhance your sense of style with beautiful smartwatches that suit every occasion and every look. Garmin offer range of watches with stylish hybrid smartwatches with hidden touchscreen displays, GPS smartwatch feature AMOLED Display, Built in sport apps, music all day health monitoring and contactless payments, and special Avengers and Captain Marvel edition smartwatches with character themed.

MARQ luxury watches The Marq collection is designed for those who aspire to the higher way of living we have redefined over decades of innovation. We offer these magnificent modern tool watches.

Running-Not all runners are the same, and that’s exactly what we keep in mind with our running watches. From on-board music storage to easy-to-use GPS trainer to running watches execution metrics, we have a training partner that’s right for you.

Multisport-Multisport GPS wearable devices that look as great as they function leaves the beaten path with confidence.

Adventure-Pursue your passion and reach your sky high goals. These rugged watches will escort you down the road less used and help you find your way back.

Swimming-Whether you are in the pool or open water at home, you want exemplify personaldata that’s going to help your way. We offer range of devices that’s with you every lap.

Diving– Simply experience the incredible beauty and diversity of underwater life and go deeper. Every dive is different and full of life. But one thing for sure that never changes is the need to know your limitations so you can safely return to the surface.

Golf- High-sensitivity GPS golf devices that give you accurate distances and other features for thousands of preloaded programmes installed, so you can play your best chance.

Fitness Tracking- Smartwatches to Fitness trackers with in-built sports applications and software’s and smart scales with wireless connectivity for a more active lifestyle.

Kids Wearables- Specially designed fitness tracking devices for the little ones to have fun as well as have a healthy lifestyle.

Sports and Fitness

Performance racers and touring cyclists also need technology that is reliable enough. We offer GPS bike computers, turn-by-turn navigation programme, bike-specific routing system, cycling awareness accessories and so much more. Get detailed information about your performance or simply plan your next ride. You can now take and enjoy your music with you on the water with a StereoActive™ water-resistant floating marine stereo system. The ActiveSafe™ container to keep your phone and other valuables safe and dry in the water. You can even control and access Stereoactive from your wrist using your compatible Garmin smartwatch.

Outdoor Recreation


  • Cars– Our Full-featured and reliable car GPS navigators take the doubt out of driving. As you make your daily route on a highway adventure, our navigation software are here to help. They also provide driver alerts to help increase the awareness.
  • Motorcycle– From the most exciting rides to adventure filled, get your motorcycle-specific navigation tools that bring the thrill to you with the awareness that you need. These navigators are full of features that make it easy and smooth for you to get on your bike
  • Semi-Truck-While trucking you need navigation that delivers safety. Get products that includes trucking-dedicated navigation, truck routing and road warnings, all in one durable device to make it smooth and safer drive.
  • RV-RV-specific GPS navigators open the road for you to explore. Get customised routing, road warnings and a directory list of RV parks and services right on your screen. Spend less time planning your trip and more time enjoying it to the fullest.
  • Over-lander- This feature helps you know your vehicle, helps you find campsites, boundaries, navigation tools, Multi GNSS- support and much more.
  • Dash and Back-up cameras- Garmin has you covered your vehicle backwards and forwards and everything in between. Choose from the variety of reliable dash cameras and wireless backup cameras.
  • Fleet-Garmin set of navigation APIs will allow seamless combination between the solution provider’s programme and the Garmin navigation applications. Select models that offer APIs for managing the integrated Dash Cameras, as well as features focused on driver behaviour.